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Tayyab Rashid, PhD Psychologist

University of Toronto Scarborough

“I know the man well and his story well enough to understand it is not a clichéd tale of the born-again self. It is a story of transforming parts of self—damaged and draped in despair—into a cohesive unity of hope and meaning. Dr. Peacock is a living illustration of how we can change our narrative, which in turn changes the routes and routines of our brains.”

Drew Kronk, MSW, LCSW

“Dr. Peacock cracks the code in reaching populations with psychological trauma, incorporating an approach to psychotherapy that encompasses neuroscience, the individual’s personal narrative while simultaneously harnessing the human spirit. This innovative approach teaches an alternative to a purely biological solution (medications) or scripted therapeutic models; it abandons the shaming process often experienced by traumatized persons and introduces them to an individual freedom to choose a new path to health. I am now incorporating his ideas into much of my work and have seen the power it has to change people.”

Maja Mircic, MD Adult Psychiatrist

Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara, California

“He is a true example of what is possible to accomplish in life despite difficult circumstances. He gets to know his patients, their life stories, and who they are as a person. He is able to put things into different perspective for them. I have witnessed how his approach can truly make meaningful changes in the lives of others. He does this effortlessly and with a deep passion. And now, I generously share his teachings with my patients every day.”

David Fraulino

4th Year Medical Student

"Dr. Peacock has approached teaching with a style unlike any I had ever been exposed to in my entire medical school career. He puts all of his lessons into an understandable and relatable context that allows any student to fully comprehend the message he is trying to convey. Whether his audience is a single student, small group of residents physicians, or auditorium full of experienced clinicians, he captures each and every one of their attention with his clear passion for the subject matter and genuine thrill from a deeper level of understanding these audience members receive. My time with him was transformative and truly shaped the way I currently view medicine and my role in patient care as I begin my career as a practicing physician.”

Norman Andrekus, PhD Psychologist

University of CT

"Dr. Peacock is not your typical psychiatrist. He thinks outside of the box and even questions if there is a box. I have seen him do wonderful and dynamic work with clients. One client talked about how ‘freeing’ this was to have such honesty and frankness.”

Amer Nabil, APRN

Manchester Memorial Hospital

“Dr. Peacock is a selfless teacher. He genuinely wants his students to be better clinicians than himself. Regardless of one's experience, I truly believe one will substantially benefit from Dr. Peacock's unique lens of psychiatry. His wealth of knowledge and passion for psychiatry is quite remarkable. Even during busy work hours, he will ensure to set aside substantial amount of time to teach his students.”

Kavetha Sundaramoorthy, MD, Psychiatrist

Walden (Inpatient Eating Disorders Unit)

"Dr.Peacock is authentic and knows how to use the power of story in shaping lives.”

Anton Power, MSIV, UNE Medical Student

“Dr. Peacock has a unique ability to understand his patients not just from the perspective of a diagnosis, but as whole human beings. His excitement, passion and empathy becomes infectious and spreads to anyone he teaches, including his students like myself.”

Jamshid A. Marvasti MD, Child and Adult Psychiatrist

Editor of five books on the subject of psychological trauma

"Dr. Peacock's life story reminds me of 1001 Nights when Scheherazade cured a mentally sick king by telling him nightly therapeutic stories. Now Dr. Peacock is the Scheherazade and his life story cures people. He is my Scheherazade for he is a living example of change, from dystopia to utopia.”

Amer Nabil, APRN

Manchester Memorial Hospital

“As a teacher, he makes difficult concepts in psychiatry easy to understand and quite meaningful.”

Timothy W.

Chapados, DO

“Insightful and dynamic educator. He wields an inspired command of Psychiatry with impressive efficacy and grace. Many have been transformed by his instruction in applied science to thought, emotions and behavior.”

Jane Romano, APRN

UConn Outpatient Psychiatry

“Never had I met a psychiatrist who was more engaged with both patients and staff. He made a huge difference in our clinic. He is brilliant and always shares his insight. When he left our clinic, it was awful. A light went out! There was no one who was as interested in ourselves as him! That's why patients loved and benefited from him so!!!”

Bethann Baer, RN-BC

“His approach gives hope and power back to many people who, I believe, have had this taken away from them either by life events or a psychiatric (reason to be sick) diagnosis. He teaches us to truly treat the person—not the diagnosis.”’

Erin O’Connor RN, DNPs

“I have seen Dr. Peacock help countless patients. He has an incredible way of utilizing humor and seeing his patients as more than diagnoses. He relates with his patients on many levels, which allows him to truly help them heal. One patient stands out to me. Dr. Peacock helped her understand her “voices” were a manifestation of her childhood trauma and feeling unsafe in this world. Within days, she was a different woman; smiling, laughing, and ready to live her life. She had a better understanding of her mental illness and resources to live the life she wanted and deserved.”

Raj Chablani, MD

Associate Director of Psychiatry
Project Renewal, INC
New York, NY

“Dr. Peacock pushes us to see the symptoms as indicators of what is lying underneath. When there is an understanding of what is at the core, a treatment can bring about a lasting change.”

Angela Bottino, RN

“Dr. Peacock’s perspective allows people to realize that they are capable of change, and that they have a choice in how they want to approach their lives moving forward. These tools can be particularly valuable for people who feel a loss of control and independence in their life circumstances.”

Erin O’Connor RN, DNPs

“Dr. Peacock’s teaching style is a welcomed change in this pharmaceutical-minded health care system. He works to get to the root cause of his patients’ disease process.  Dr. Peacock helps his patients heal and recover rather than masking symptoms with a pill. His passion for educating students is congruent with his passion for his patients’ recovery.”

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